Safety and Privacy

Security and privacy

A major reason for hiring a plane is security and privacy . Through separate entrances to the airport you can get to your plane . So you're not bothered by other people who also waiting for their flight. The entire process from your car to your aircraft can also optionally be protected with the necessary privacy should this be desired.

Everyone understands that , in the base , the cost is not really justified in relation to scheduled flights . However, the number of private flights. Grows What makes it that more and more people choose to fly private ? What makes the experience of renting a private aircraft well as beautiful ?

The attraction is great. Traditionally, the predominance of companies with their own aircraft. However, more and more people are discovering the benefits of flying private. Of course, this does not necessarily have to be a Jet but a smaller plane can reach the same benefits . The target group of wealthy individuals who use this type of service is growing fast , but also for the geowne private citizens to fly with more people becoming more accessible ..

Smaller Airports become easier accessible

Because you can choose the one that is closer, of both the departure and the end of an airport location you will be shorter total time . You decide the route , so that you make as short as possible . Often these smaller airports are nearby . Additional benefit is that you can fly into Smaller airports faster and easier when your plane isn't to big

Let's be honest : It's a comfortabalere way of traveling . No hassle with long lines at check-in. You travel in your own plane with your own company . Nuisance for other people , therefore, it is no longer relevant. Even after landing in most cases you will receive VIP treatment at customs which will no long waiting lost .

Define your own departures

If you are renting a private plane you now choose your own departure . Whether you are renting a small or large aircraft , You decide when your plane is ready for you . Running your appointment to your destination than it's no problem . You are often paid for the flying hours and not wait as long as you own flying and pilot not rented or voltalige crew need. This also wait patiently for you and do not leave without you .

Combine multiple appointments

Not one , but two , even three agreements within Europe is possible by hiring a private plane . And did you just not in a hurry then a single engine airplane renting still the cheapest way to unlock fly private.

 Higher air layer

Private jets with jet engines , such as the Dassault Falcon 2000 or Gulfstream G550 can fly higher , where the resistance is less and you have less trouble with turbulence . This is faster and more comfortable , where you can also save some . Fuel Or you can fly faster if you really are in a hurry .

No unnecessary stops

If you want to go to a destination that is not as popular , for which no direct scheduled services exist , you will normally have to change or picking up the last part with other transport . If you rent your own private plane you can fly direct . Unnecessary stops are so geëlimineerd.Voor small appliances ( afhankeleijk of the range of this unit ) you need to make to refuel. Single short stop Rent a 6 person unit such as the Piper Cherokee Six , you can still have a 650nm ( = + / _ 1200km ) non stop fly. That is about from Amsterdam to Barcelona . Not all private jets have a range as you 're used to a standard Boeing or Airbus .

advantage rent

If you want to fly private several times a year, renting probably more interesting than buying a private plane . In order to make use of the whole service is very much involved. From airport service to crew . From catering to recurrent training for crew . Of maintenance for the aircraft to scheduling flights. But the Hangar Costs can sometimes higher depending on the unit up to 25,000 euros per year depending on the size of the aircraft .

As a temporary solution you can think of fractional ownership . You buy a portion of a plane .


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