Terms and Conditions!

Aircraft4Rent.eu Terms & Conditions 


The following terms & conditions apply to AircraftAuctions and AircraftAuctions.eu.
1. General terms which apply to anyone using the site or referring to the site
2. Supplemental terms which apply to advertisers

1. General terms which apply to anyone using the site or     referring to the site

1.1 Contents of the site

Aircrafts4rent has created this site with the greatest possible care. Any information on this site with respect to offered or wanted airplanes, parts, products, services or requests has been inserted by third party users. These third party users are entirely responsible for the correctness and validity of this information. Aircrafts4rent carries no responsibility for the content of adverts whatsoever.

1.2 Agreement

Aircrafts4rent enables vendors and buyers to conduct a bilateral agreement. Aircrafts4rent is however not involved in the establishment of such an agreement.

1.3 Intellectual right of ownership
Duplication and/or distribution of material from this site, other than downloading site content on one single computer for the purpose of advert browsing, or other than production of hardcopy prints of Aircrafts4rent adverts, is prohibited. 
Distribution of hardcopy prints of AircraftAuctions adverts is only allowed if the text "Aircrafts4rent.eu" is clearly visible on each hardcopy.  
All rights with respect to the site, including text material, images, layouts, datafiles, domain names and trademarks, belong to Aircrafts4rent and her advertisers. If these rights are violated, then it is up to the advertiser to take action against the violator(s). Aircrafts4rent takes no part in this, as she has no means to prevent violation of rights.
Aircrafts4rent denies any responsibility for the presence of images which are subject to copyright by third parties. If you hold a copyright on an image which you found uploaded to Aircrafts4rent without your permission, then please contact the corresponding advertiser/seller.

1.4 SPAM
Usage of third party personal data, as present on the site, may only be used in order to establish an agreement with the advertiser, regarding the content of the advert. Usage of third party personal data is under no circumstance allowed in order to
 send unrequested email.
 send email without intention to establish an agreement related to the advert.   
 send commercial email.
 collect email addresses of advertisers for whatever purpose. 
Violation of this article imposes, without warning and without judicial interference, a 1,000 EUR penalty per incident. Aircrafts4rent takes no responsibility if you claim to be a victim of SPAM, triggered or distributed via the site. 

1.5 Exclusion

Aircrafts4rent has the right to deny you access to the site, without notification, if you violate these terms & conditions.

1.6 Guarantee

AircraftAuctions does not guarantee that
 advert texts are correct, accurate and true.
 offered products are of good quality, safe and do not violate law. 
 the advertiser is allowed to do business with you. 
 the site will function flawlessly and be free of errors.

1.7 Liability
Aircrafts4rent denies any responsibility for whatever damage, loss or harm, caused by the use of the site. In particular will Aircrafts4rent never be liable for any damage, loss or harm to whomever it may concern, caused by
 actions of site visitors, like establishing an agreement with regard to adverts.
 the use of the site (computer viruses and SPAM for instance).
 malfunction of the site.
 the impossibility to use the site.
 the fact that products do not meet the specifications as published on the site.
 the fact that products are advertised illegally.
 the fact that products are mortgaged.
 the fact that third parties exert a claim on a product.
 the fact that products have been stolen.
 the fact that advertisers deny or invalidate an agreement. 
 the fact that advertisers may not exist in reality.
 the fact that products are not delivered.
 the fact that products may not exist in reality.
 the fact that products are not or no longer available for whatever reason.
 adverts which are embarrassing or offensive.
 information on the site, which is not correct, not actual or illegal.
 illegal use of the site by third parties.

1.8 Links


Aircrafts4rent offers links to other sites for the purpose of your comfort and/or well-being. However, Aircrafts4rent will not accept liability for any damage, loss or harm, caused by the visit of a linked site. 

1.9 Protection
You will protect 
Aircrafts4rent from any claim by yourself or by third parties, which are caused by or related to the use of this site.

2. Supplemental terms which apply to advertisers
These terms apply, together with the chapter 1 terms, if you submit adverts to the site.


2.1 Rates
Submission of adverts to Aircrafts4rent is basically free of charge!
Adverts run until you delete them yourself. There is an expiration date after 18 months

2.2 Site content
Each advertiser will make sure that the offered or wanted product is described conforming to reality. By submission of an advert, you give Aircrafts4rentpermission to publish the information with regard to the product, on the site. 
The advertiser will maintain the content of the adverts up-to-date. Adverts are to be deleted as soon as they are no longer valid, for instance if an airplane has been sold or has been withdrawn from the market. 
The advertiser will not illegally upload any image which holds a copyright by third parties. If you want to upload a copyrighted image, you need to have permission from the copyright holder before you upload. By illegally uploading a copyrighted image, you may become subject to prosecution by the copyright holder.
Aircrafts4rent has the right to change the content of advert texts without notification, if such improves the quality of the advert in the view of Aircrafts4rent.
Aircrafts4rent has the right to remove pictures and images without notification, if the number of images is excessive or if images do not enhance the quality of the advert.
Aircrafts4rent has the right to change or remove content of advert texts without notice, if reference is made to a different channel or website which acts within the field of trading or auctioning of third party goods.
Adverts which advertise the sale of one specific and fully airworthy aircraft, are to be released within the airplanes section of the site.  
Adverts which advertise the sale of generic aircraft, may under circumstances be released within the airplanes section of the site. Such a submission needs prior approval of Aircrafts4rent. Please contactAircrafts4rent about your request, if you would want to do so.
The advertiser is not allowed to delete an aircraft advert from the airplanes section, with the goal of re-inserting the airplane again after deletion. Re-positioning of an existing airplane advert on the front page is to be achieved by reducing the airplane price in the existing advert. Airplanes which have actually increased in value, for instance after an overhaul, are exempted from this.

2.3 Advert removal

Aircrafts4rent has the right to remove any advert from the site, without notice. Adverts can at any time become subject to removal, but will do so at least when
The advert is released into an inappropriate section.
The advert is released more than once.
The advertiser's name appears to be a nickname, a false name or a fake name.
Different adverts describe the same product. In the case that 2 or more different advertisers publish the same airplane, Aircrafts4rent will decide which advertisements are to be removed, and will remove these without necessary notice.
The advert content violates article 1.7 
The advert consists of an airplane that has been deleted and re-inserted again after deletion.
The advert content is not related to aviation. 
6 months have elapsed after the advertiser's last Log In.
The advert exhibits business within the same field as Aircrafts4rent- meaning the trade of third party airplanes and aviation business via an internet website.
They have been submitted by an intermediate broker apparently without permission of the actual airplane owner.
Other sites or channels than Aircrafts4rent.eu advertise the same airplane or product, but with a lower price tag.
An airplane's price tag significantly exceeds what Aircrafts4rent considers to be the market band width for that type, with regard to age, condition and location. "Opportunist" sellers in particular, whose main objective is to sample market interest in their airplane, risk removal of their advert.

2.4 Account removal

Aircrafts4rent will, without prior notice and for an indefinite time, exclude any advertiser who violates the Terms and Conditions, or who exhibits behavior which Aircrafts4rent considers to be non-consistent with the purpose of the Aircrafts4rent website.

2.5 Liability
Aircrafts4rent denies any responsibility for whatever damage, loss or harm, caused by illegal acquisition of products which are advertised on the site. In particular will Aircrafts4rent never be liable for any damage, loss or harm to product advertisers, caused by
 products that are paid for with false, stolen, undeclared or otherwise illegal money.
 sold products that are not paid for.
 the fact that product purchasers criticise a sold product.
 the fact that product purchasers deny or invalidate an agreement. 
 the fact that product purchasers may not exist in reality.
 the fact that product purchasers act illegal.

2.6 Down-time

Aircrafts4rent will never be liable for down-time of the site.